Cloud and Infrastructure


Networks and Unified Communications are the core of today’s modern communication. A fast, dependable and secure network is what organizations leverage enabling them to drive business operations efficiently. Indirectly, organizational productivity and effectiveness depends on the underlying network that has been deployed in the organization. Unified Communications help businesses merge voice, video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks, delivering media-rich collaboration experience across businesses, governments and institutions. These applications use the network as the platform to leverage it and achieve comparative advantage by fast-track decision making and reduce time taken for transactions. Overall the features offered by networks including scalability, security and high availability enable organization users access business services anywhere and anytime.


Zachsys today is well positioned to enable enterprises to adopt the transformational changes required for cloud computing. A strong global presence combined with established practices across various industry verticals in cloud consulting, implementation and management services make Zachsys a strong contender in this space.

The impact of Cloud initiatives has spread across multiple years. It often cuts across the organizational functions, thereby needing to modify both the strategic directions of the enterprise and business operations. This is best implemented by leveraging the following services:

  • Strategy Consulting Services:
  • Help our customers integrate cloud services into their IT portfolio across public and private cloud environments
  • System Integration Services:
  • Design, build, deploy and manage private & public cloud computing environments e.g. Implement an on-premise private cloud for customers using customer preferred technology and hardware
  • Engineering Services:
  • Convert Independant Software Vendor (ISV) products into software as service offering e.g. Re-engineer ISV packaged product to be delivered as a SaaS offering to their end customers
  • Application Development Services:
  • Application development, testing and management services for public cloud platforms
  • Application development
  • for cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure

Converged Infrastructure

Converged Infrastructure is an innovative and fresh approach to virtualization, automation and infrastructure which delivers extremely efficient all-in-one systems that are quick and easy to buy, support and manage. A Converged System for Virtualization can be managed with a common management platform across servers, storage, and networking. Automation capabilities and templates are in place to eliminate many manual operations and device-focused processes. Vendor support is available to help prevent problems through continuous scanning, dashboard reporting, personalized consultation, resolving issues faster and making system-level updates easier.

Workload-optimized systems available within the offering help improve the ROI, as they are built for virtualization and help to rapidly propel your business forward with up to 2X the performance at 25% lower entry price.

Convergence implies that there will be just one consistent infrastructure management platform,thereby reducing the number of tools you have to learn, manage, deploy and integrate. Also, you will have unified physical and virtual management through VMware vCenter or Microsoft System Center.

With the Software-defined resources you can define compute, storage and network resources with common, reusable templates. Also outages can be reduced which are associated with human error via intelligent configuration checking.

The automation capabilities of these systems help the customer to deploy complete vSphere or Hyper-V clusters in very easy steps. These converged systems thereby efficiently take a bite out of operational costs, minimize downtime, and proactively avoid errors.

Compute Infrastructure

Zachsys offers consultancy, design and implementation services for companies across GCC region to achieve the business objectives of modern data center infrastructure with Consolidation, Virtualization, Application & Data Migration, Data Protection & Recovery & Business Continuity. Zachsys provides consultancy and infrastructure solution based on the products from leading vendors like HP, EMC, Dell, Nutanix, VMware, Microsoft, Veeam, Citrix, Double Take etc. and has tier-1 partnership with majority of them. We have solution architects and multi-skilled engineers across technologies to do seamless integration on these technologies.

Data Center & Disaster Recovery

Data Center is very important to any business as it hosts key service systems. It acts as a central repository where the key data of the enterprise is managed. It controls user access, filters packets for security, processes applications, computes information, and stores data for backup.