IT Service Management

IT Service Management solution provides consistency and improves service and support performance. Through standardized process IT team can improve resolution times. The service desk solution will help you:

  • Build, modify, and automate IT Service Management and business processes or get started quickly with pre-defined configurable processes such as incident, request, change and more
  • Automate repetitive tasks such as password resets or service request fulfillment, freeing staff for other projects
  • Simplify integration with pre-built connectors for data sources and directory services
ITSM Offerings
  • Consolidated service desk and a single point of contact for all core IT processes
  • Business Service Catalog, a consumer style catalog to meet the rising expectations of the business user
  • Asset management to optimize end-to-end asset usage for optimal value and to lower costs

Highlights of the Service Desk Solution

Business Service Catalog
  • Provide a familiar, consumer-style catalog of services to meet the rising expectations of business users. Enable them to choose services quickly and easily, monitor progress, and view historical requests anywhere, 24/7
  • Reduce the volume of requests and boost efficiency by publishing services to users based on what they’re allowed to request. Exclude previously requested services
  • Users can search for services quickly or view a graphical hierarchy of services to find what they need
  • Integrate easily with leading systems management tools and leverage the automation platform to automate fulfillment
Mobile ITSM
  • Deliver the IT Service Management support, services, and data your users need—through fast, secure mobile access
Asset Management
  • Helps your organization to manage your assets across procurement, active life cycle, and disposals so you can optimize end-to-end asset usage for optimal value and lower costs
Integration and Automation
  • Integrate with IT tools and data to improve service-level response times. Create efficiencies and reduce errors by orchestrating IT automation across systems
  • Integrate all elements of your system using a wide choice of out-of-the-box integrations for a comprehensive configuration management environment
Reporting and Dashboards
  • Visualize at-a-glance dashboards about ITSM performance for continuous service improvement. Quickly gain trend insights to apply context for better decision-making.